• Detachable burner: the Chamber and the coil detach to avoid damage while cleaning.
  • Patented Reloading Chamber: The patented design reload chamber allows the user to "re-mix" the dry herb inside the chamber without opening the chamber which allows the user to maximize vaping potential.
  • Self Cleaning: The reload chamber's one push button allows the user to clean the chamber easily without needing any tools.
  • High quality machined stainless steel.
  • Telescope Mechanical Mod Specifications: No circuit board, full telescope mechanical mod.
  • Floating 510 center pin.
  • Sring-Loaded firing button.
  • Bottom locking ring (reverse threading).
  • Recessed 510 threading connector (Aluminum).
  • Capatible with any device with a 510 threaded connector.
  • Minimun Length of Mod 68mm.
  • Maximum Length of Mod: 97mm.
  • Includes a charger and a Trustfire IMR 18350 800 mAh battery.
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