Dovpo DT-50

Manufacturer: Dovpo


1.OLED display screen

2.Working voltage:3.3-4.2V

3.Output power:5-50W(adjustable wattage)

4.Adjusted according to a load resistance of smart match
Resistance:0.2-0.3Ω power:20-50W
Resistance:0.4-0.8Ω power:15-40W
Resistance:0.9-1.4Ω power:10-30W
Resistance:over1.5Ω power:5-20W

5.Intelligent memory:retain memories of the last resistance adjustment of power parameters

6.Load capacity:minimum resistance 0.2Ω

7.Output short circuit protection

8.Low-voltage automatic protection:voltage lower than 2.5V

9.Automatic Temperature protection:temperature over 70℃(158℉)

10.Lithium battery automatic protection:battery won't discharge over 25A

11.Automatic fuse protection:voltage more than 30A

12.Built-in lithium battery capacity: 4000Mah

13.Charging voltage:Micro charger DC5V